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Welcome to my little crafty corner of the world!  After a very busy and chaotic Christmas Season my Craft Room has been cleaned, tidied and organised for the New Year ahead.  So what better time to give you all a little tour than right now (before the mess takes over again!)

As you will learn over time I’m a small bit obsessed with door decor, bunting, hanging hearts, plaques, you name it, I love it!  On my Craft Room Door, I have a floral hanging heart wreath and above that wooden triangle bunting – both of which I made myself. (Please try to ignore those orange walls.. I’m in the process of painting the hallway a Country Cream colour but it’s only half way there – Oh my OCD!)

My Craft Room is quite a small room but I still managed to fit in two workstations; one for Drawing, Painting, Admin work and the other one for Packaging and Sewing (I’m currently upskilling myself with Sew Happy classes and hope to be spending a lot more time at this desk going forward!)


This Corner Desk is a few years old now but at the time I bought it from Hunt Office.  The Add on Unit around my PC Screen is from Ikea. The Spice Jars are from Ikea, which I find great for storing all my little bows and the Square Jars on top are from my local discount store and hold all my buttons.  On the left hand side of this desk sits my Canon Printer, my Sellotape Dispenser and my Newspaper Rack from Ikea.  To the right you will see my Copper Clamp Work Light which is also from Ikea!  My laptop is a MacBook Pro which I bought in 2011 while I was completing a Graphic Design course.  I treated myself that Christmas when I was young, free and single with no kids!! My lovely white Philips Monitor that I hook my MacBook up to was a Christmas present from my Husband – again before the kids came along!!

Underneath this desk are my white postal boxes, a huge roll of bubble wrap, my bin and a stock of tote bags.  To the left is a little table where I photograph all my crafts and hanging on the wall is a little Princess Crown Hook from Dunnes Stores that I hang plaques from (this hook does not feature in my product pictures!!)  The Storage Stool underneath is, I think, from Homestore & More and all my tins of paint are neatly hidden away in there.  To the left again are some decorative storage boxes I picked up in Dunnes Stores at various stages over the years and are used to store all my headband materials.  Hanging above these boxes are my FETAC Certificates in Business Studies, Graphic Design and Image Processing and also my Certificate of Registration for my business name jesterdesign all framed in cheap A4 frames from Tesco!

To the right of this workstation is my Kallax Shelving Unit from Ikea that comes with two Drona storage boxes (I obviously chose Pink!) and in here is where I store my larger MDF stock pieces.  I bought two of the Drawer Inserts as an added extra in white also from Ikea to store my stationery bits – glue sticks, stapler, calculator, business cards, compliment cards etc.!

The Plant Pots I use to hold my Paint Brushes and Flowers are from Ikea.  The light up Dream sign is from The Range in Cork (my new FAV place to go!!) My beautiful Sewing Box, which is currently empty (I badly need to get some sewing supplies) is from Hobby Craft.  I picked up the 3 pack of Glass Jars with Floral Tops and Star Lights in Aldi a few months back.  My Ribba Box Frames are also from Ikea.

Workstation 2 – Sewing/Packaging

My Sewing Desk with the Pink Drawers is from Littlewoods (my one is old stock so link is to a similar one).  On the little side shelves underneath I have craft storage boxes and pink storage baskets.  The chair is from Ikea (cushion I proudly made myself!!).  My very inexpensive Craft Storage Wall is made up of Spice Racks from Ikea, which I painted white myself, the Rods are from Ikea and the Buckets are also from Ikea.  Can you see an Ikea trend developing here!!  My dad’s business is Cork Delivery Service and because I do all the admin work for him I get free delivery, so as you can imagine this is very handy (dangerous!) for me any time he does an Ikea Run!!

To the left of this desk is my little Packaging Station which I think is an absolute must-have in any Craft Room!  It is just a Wall Mounted Drop Leaf Table from Ikea and holds my pink tissue paper so I’m ready to wrap up orders in a flash.  Underneath this are two storage boxes I got from Littlewoods which house my pink postal bags and shredded packaging paper (I keep this from my MDF Supplier Deliveries to reuse!!)  To the left of this again is my handy little table top Ironing Board with a hanging hook and is only €5 from Ikea (for when I become a Pro at Sewing!!)


Ikea Rods and Storage Tubs that hold all my smaller MDF Cut Out Shapes

Parisienne Jewellery Holder I use to hold Headbands – so cute!

My First Ever Poster for jesterdesign with my Old Logo – very nostalgic!

Of course no Boss Girl Kingdom is complete without an Inspo Wall!  The Picture Ledge is from Ikea.

I printed off some quotes from Pinterest that I liked and put them in various frames I bought in my local Dealz.  The middle larger frame is from Ikea.

So that’s my Craft Room Tour, it’s small but functional.  The hubby won’t allow me to take the bigger ‘Guest Room’ next door (Boo!! ha) so I had to make use of every bit of space I have in here.  I would love to hear how you organise your workspace.  Please tag me @jessicaloves_xx on Instagram or Twiter so I can have a nose and maybe gain some inspiration myself!!

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  1. Amanda
    January 20, 2017 / 11:47 am

    So bloody jealous….how organised you are! Wish I could edit my studio as well as you and then I would be able to find my patterns when I need them😄 My New Years resolution is to clean the studio after each session (kinda working) Think I need a bigger room and your Dad to pop to IKEA for me!

    • January 21, 2017 / 11:49 am

      Oh no my OCD tendencies are a curse really!! ha you have organised chaos, you normally do know where everything is!! I sooo need a studio, I wonder do Ikea do them?!! 😀 I forgot to ask you what supplies I need so I’ll message you on Facebook now 🙂

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