Exciting Changes to My Online Shop!

Lately I have found myself working well into the early hours again almost every night hand making and painting lots and lots of Craft Orders which is a great complaint I know, however, I am burning myself out… I am currently receiving orders through Text, Email, Facebook Private Page, Facebook Business Page, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter so am spending a lot of my time on Admin during the day which could be better spent on Crafting and Upcycling!

In order to streamline the whole order and payment process for both my customers and myself, I’ve decided to create a new online Add to Cart Shop.  Going forward this will be the only place where you can place and pay for your orders, once it is active!

If you are following me on Snapchat (jesterdesign) you might have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet lately… this is because I have been very busy working behind the scenes to give my Website the professional overhaul it needs thanks to Karl of Beatless Design.  It will be up and running very soon so please bear with us!

I have also decided to reduce my Craft product offering to just Box Frames, Wooden Frames and Baby Headbands.  I will no longer be creating my hand painted jute tote bags.  This decision was very bittersweet for me because my Tote Bags are what launched jesterdesign at the very beginning however they are just too time-consuming and I constantly seem to have a 6 week backlog…. So in lieu of these, I will be adding some new bits to my Online Shop which I feel tie in perfectly with my Brand and Blog today!

I am delighted to announce that jesterdesign will now be your one stop shop for Personalised Crafts, Gifts, Homewares and Stationery.  I have been spending all my spare time recently sourcing and personally choosing some fabulous new items which will be available to purchase from my Online Shop as soon as it goes live!

So in the meantime here is a sneak peak of some of the goodies I currently have in stock for you!! Eeeek!!




I hope you like these items as much as I do and I would love to hear what your favourites are?!

Thanks for stopping by x


P.S. Stay tuned to my Snapchat as there is another exciting Announcement coming very soon..!!


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