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I’m currently ReStyling my Home Office and decided I would share the Project from the beginning to give you an idea of how the whole Jessica Loves Interior Styling process works.

But first, here are my Top Tips for an Inspiring, Creative and Productive Home Office Space:

1. Colour

Choosing colours like Blues or Greens to create a calm and serene place to work in can help reduce stress and increase your energy levels and happiness.

2. Organisation

Make sure you have plenty of Storage to keep clutter at bay, my mantra is a Happy Space is a Happy Mind.  A minimalistic design will ensure your space is practical and functional and will increase your productivity. 

3. Inspiration

Using Pin Boards, Framed Quotes or a Desk Journal – anything that is personal to you, will keep you inspired and give your Creativity a boost.

4. Lighting

A bright space filled with natural light is much better to work in than a dark space that can leave you feeling tired and unproductive.  Using Lamps and Mirrors to reflect light around the room will help you feel more energised. 

5. Comfort

Choosing accessories such as a fabric office chair, a cosy rug, cushions and curtains will make your space feel less like an office.  A space that feels comfortable and nice to be in is more likely to entice you to go to work!  

MOODBOARDCreated by Jessica Loves Studio

The first thing I do is create a Moodboard for the Space. I know I want a serene, comfortable, organised, inspiring, bright and happy space here to work in. My Home is a Coastal Farmhouse Style Scheme and I am drawn to Blues and Greens, not just because we live by the Sea but also because these colours create a lovely calming environment, exactly how I what my Home to feel. So in keeping with the rest of the house and because my office looks out onto the garden, I have chosen a green theme for this Space.

A Moodboard is a great visual tool to create the concept for a room and to give you an idea of how the space will feel.

2D FLOOR PLANCreated by Jessica Loves Studio

After taking some measurements, I can then create a 2D Floor Plan to enable proper planning of windows, doors, furniture placement etc. for the space.

3D RENDERING & 3D VIRTUAL TOURCreated by Jessica Loves Studio

Next I create a 3D Render to help visualise the space in more detail with some styling and accessories.

Finally I create a 3D Virtual Tour so you can take a walk around the room. You can check out the Virtual Tour here and double click into the corners to swing around and see the room from different angles.


This is the exciting part! I have met with my Joinery Fitter to have my Built-in Unit custom made. My Clients come first so mine won’t be fitted until after Christmas but stay tuned and I will update this Blog Post with Real Images of the Finished Space. I can’t wait to get Styling!!

I hope you find this Post helpful if you are looking to ReStyle a Room yourself. Or if you need help and would like more details on our Interior Styling Services, please email us at jessicalovesstudio@gmail.com and we will be happy to assist you in creating your Happy Space.

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