Jessica Loves Style

I don’t know why but it took me until I was 37 years of age and at my heaviest weight to finally start having fun with my style! Why is it that some of us are afraid to wear what’s in our wardrobes and feel like we should be keeping that outfit for another day? Well Today’s the day Ladies to go out and #wearyourwardrobes

I am NO style expert here but as a busy Mama, I find planning my outfit the night before not only stops me reaching for the same jeans and jumper but it saves me some valuable time in the morning before the School Run! 

My style is 99% comfy casual/mama style with pieces from High Street & Online Stores. A lot of my clothes are older than my kids and I can’t afford to be buying clothes every week, so you will see a lot of repetitive pieces in my posts but hopefully styled a bit differently.

I share #jessicalovesstyle posts on my Instagram page so at a quick click of my own hashtag I can see my virtual wardrobe right on my phone, which makes it so much easier for me to mix and match my own pieces – even those I’ve forgotten I have!

Pinterest is like having your own free personal stylist and when I have a piece in my wardrobe that I don’t know how to wear, I will search for that item and Pin my looks to either my Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer Boards. 

I am always looking for street style inspo and would love to see your style so if you are interested in using the hashtag #wearyourwardrobes on Instagram please do so we can all inspire each other!

Jessica Loves Style x