My Walk in Wardrobe

Although my Walk in Wardrobe is not fully complete yet (are we ever really finished a room?!!) I thought it was time that I shared some of the details here with links to everything I bought in Ikea.

My Dad operates monthly Dublin to Cork Ikea Delivery Runs for the East Cork/West Waterford Area through his Facebook Page Cork Delivery Service so I always try to pick up a few bits every time he goes to build up what I need over time. I’m all about cheap and cheerful storage solutions and there isn’t a room left in my house now that doesn’t have some piece of Ikea Furniture in it!!

The Shelves above were already built in so I kept those, painted them white and used them as my Shoe Wall! I bought 8 of the Mulig Rails in total for this space. 1 for my long dresses and jumpsuits and then 3 on top and 3 on bottom for tops and trousers. I have to put (well the Hubby does!) one more rail up to the side of my shoe wall for my skirts – not a nook or cranny is left unused in my house!! These Rails can be hung at a 60cm width, like we did as we felt they would be more sturdy, or you can extend them out to 90cm. The Rails are only €5 each so they really are a great, quick and inexpensive solution to any Clothes Chaos that might be going on! I am going to buy 2 more to put in the Kids Bedrooms with a Malm Chest of Drawers underneath (but that’s for another Blog Post!!)

I always get Dad to pick up a few packets of these Ikea White Hangers and also these Trouser/Skirt Hangers to replace any of the not so pretty ones I have and so that everything looks nicer and more uniform.

The Pink Rug, which I saved from my Retail Shop and gave it a clean, fits perfect in here and is only €35! I put one of these Sheepskin Style Rugs on top to give a more luxurious feel. I have a few of these Rugs around the house – in the PlayRoom and on the back of chairs in Eva’s Room and my Craft Room. They are fab and only €12!

I really wanted these Malm Chest of Drawers in here but they were out of stock and I’ve no patience to wait LOL so I bought these Kullen ones instead which were €16 cheaper and look just as good. I think the drawers aren’t as deep as the Malm ones but this Chest works fine in here. (Can you Spot where I’ll be putting that Mulig Rail for my Skirts above my Bags!!)

On top of my Chest of Drawers I have 2 of the Skurar Plant Pots and one of the Brass Daidai Plant Pots, which I also saved from my Retail Shop. I just need to buy some faux flowers or candles or something now to put into them.

My Dressing Table is this smaller version of the Micke Desk with a Stefan Chair and one of the Rugs I mentioned above thrown over the back. The Mirror is very good value at only €20 and the Musik Lights are only €15 each – I got the ones with the Plugs, there is also a built-in version that needs to be wired up so just be careful if you are buying them that you get the right ones for you! The Bulbs are separate and come in a 2 Pack and work out at €14.75 for the 10 that you need.

I also have 2 of the Bekvan Spices Racks (they come in Birch but I painted them white) which the Hubby needs to hang up on the wall to the right. I will use one for my Nail Varnishes and I’ll hang the second one upside and use these hooks for my headbands and larger necklaces.

So that’s basically it at the moment, the wardrobe has no window or skylight in it so was always quite a dark space and not very functional at all… but with a few cheap rails and some Makeup lights, the space has been completely transformed and I actually like going in there now and can easily see where all of my clothes are at one glance.

In true KonMari Style, I donated about 12 bags of clothes that no longer sparked joy!! I have no idea how or where all of those clothes fitted in before but I’m glad with what I held onto and getting dressed everyday is so much easier now!

I hope you found that helpful 🙂

Thanks for stopping by x


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