Reloved – Telephone Table

Before her Makeover!

Supplies Used for this Project:

Sugar Soap, Sand Block, Paint Brushes

Frenchic – Stone Rosie & Love Letter both from the Lazy Range

Frenchic Furniture Wax – Clear

Buffing Cloth or Tea Towel

Using a hand held sand block, I lightly sanded back the Telephone Table to remove the original glossy finish.  I then washed it down with Sugar Soap to remove any dirt and grime and allowed the piece to dry.
I wanted to paint this piece in a light colour to show up the beautiful carvings in the wood so I chose the colours Stone Rosie for the main body and Love Letter for the fabric – I wanted this Telephone Table to have a lovely French, Vintage feel to her.  Both of these colours are from the Frenchic Lazy Range. The Lazy Range has a Wax infusion in the paint which means you do not have to use a separate Wax to seal!
The Fabric after one Coat of Love Letter – no prep required, just paint directly on!
After the first coat of Stone Rosie – again just paint directly on as no primer is required with the Frenchic Range of Furniture Paint.
After a Second Coat of Stone Rosie & Love Letter and because I was going from a really dark wood to a much lighter colour for this piece, I gave her a third coat.
I allowed the Paint to dry & then brushed on a thin layer of Clear Wax onto the Fabric only.  I left this on for 45 minutes & buffed with a tea towel. I then buffed the Stone Rosie painted wood to activate the wax infusion of the Lazy Range.
I then applied some matching Gimp Trim with my Glue Gun to cover the staples in the fabric.  FYI – I bought the Gimp Trim locally from Ned O’Connell Interiors in Youghal.
Et voilà! My Simple, no re-upholstery required, French Vintage Inspired, Telephone Table Makeover!
And here she is all styled up, taking pride of place in my Shop Window! I absolutely love bringing old unwanted pieces of furniture back to life and really adore this piece so I’m not sure if I will ever be able to let her go…!!

I hope you found this guide helpful and that it will inspire you to Relove some pieces around your home.

Please tag me in your upcycled projects @jessicaloves_xx or use the hashtag #reloveyourhomes on Facebook and Instagram as I would love to see your finished pieces!

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