Business Resolutions!

For a couple of hours this morning, I managed to sneak back into my happy place that is my Craft Room! I’m now itching to get back to crafting, however, the kiddies aren’t back to creche and playschool until next Monday.  I needed to give my Craft Room a good clean, catch up on some admin work, reconcile end of year accounts, contact my suppliers, confirm customer orders for January and just organise myself for the weeks ahead!

It got me thinking about how I need to set some rules and boundaries in order to operate more time and cost efficiently.  So here goes!

  1. All orders must be paid for at time of order.  I have been too lenient the past 3 years and unfortunately been taken advantage of more times that I care to admit..  There are orders that I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on that still have not been collected or paid for and as these are personalised items they cannot be resold.  Being out of pocket doesn’t bother me as much as the hours wasted where I could have accommodated other customers that I might have had to turn away.  This makes me very very Sad! 🙁
  2. There will only be one supply order each month.  I will put Reminders up on my Instagram and Facebook every month as to when my supply orders will be going off.  I haven’t been too fair to my Suppliers in the past always adding on last minute items to my order…!  So this means my current turnaround time on all orders will be at least 4 weeks.  Please get in touch well in advance of any occasion you might have coming up as I will no longer be able to fulfil last minute orders.
  3. I need to stop taking on too much!  For Christmas I reopened my order book after it was closed not once but TWICE!  I find it hard to say No and always like to please everyone but I turned myself into a complete Mombie… A Zombie Mama who had no time for her family for at least 6 weeks before Christmas and was running on complete empty.  I was working until at least 1am or later every night for weeks on end and it really wasn’t fair on the Hubby, Babies or Myself! (I see all my fellow Mombie Crafters nodding their heads like the Churchill Dog in complete agreement – Ooooh YES!)  I also felt like I was missing out on loads in the run up to Christmas, so this year I hope to have all orders out by the 1st December – wish me luck!! 😀

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post, I don’t want to sound like a Negative Joe but for sanity reasons this was a must!  I only have 18 (kid free) hours a week and will do my best in those hours to accommodate for as many orders as I can!

I appreciate every single order that comes in.  99% of my customers are so amazing and I really enjoy all of our lovely chats x

Thanks for stopping by

Jessica x




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