How Do I Do it All?

Some really lovely people ask me from time to time – “How do you do it all? You are Superwoman!”

I have two babies, run my own business and blog and also run the admin side of things for my Dad’s business Cork Delivery Service.  Nice plug for you there Daddy!!

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My phone is constantly hopping with messages from both Business Facebook Pages and both email accounts.  When I’m not replying to messages, I am organising spreadsheets for all the incoming orders, reconciling both bank accounts, ordering in supplies and then there is the real work of actually sitting down and physically painting each and every craft order that comes in and packaging them up nicely!

Also there are the endless jobs at home of emptying and filling the washing machine, the dryer and the dishwasher (that dishwasher is the worst it’s going all day every day – what the actual…?!!)

Things have gotten so crazy busy lately I was actually feeling dizzy so the doctor put me on tablets for vertigo.  Now I’m not entirely certain whether or not this could be related to a recent Girl’s Night Away in Limerick!!  We found ourselves on the dance floor of a nightclub (I believe that’s what they are still called!) playing non-stop 90s hits – my absolute FAV!!  I never really exercise apart from pushing the double buggy around but jaysus I must’ve lost half a stone that night.  In the end myself and 2 of the remaining girls (I won’t name & shame) were literally praying for a crap song to come on so we could go back to the hotel!  I went back with a banging headache and ringing in my ears… I think I just might be getting too old for this craic and my hangovers now consist of a bout of vertigo thrown into the mix.. utter lightweight!

Anyway back to my point, I am not Superwoman but I do have a lot of Superwomen around me!  The first is Nana Jean my mama, without her I could not get any of this work done.  She works 3 days a week herself and always calls to us on her days off.  She knows my husband’s work shift calendar and just turns up, without me even asking, on the days he is working late or on the evenings he is working nights and always puts one baby to bed for me ALWAYS – unless it’s a Saturday or Sunday night then forget it because all Superwomen need a break!! But if I ever need to go anywhere or do anything all it takes is a quick text and she is at my house within ten minutes, I am so so lucky to have her and would be completely lost in this world without her.  Nana Jean is the BOMB!

The other Superwoman I have is Agnes Hennessy, she runs a fantastic Child Minding Service in Youghal called Momma’s View.  Agnes opened up around the same time jesterdesign started out in 2013, it was like all the stars were aligning!  Eva started going to Aggie, as we call her, from 5 months old to get us both used to the fact I was due back to work once Eva turned 6 months.

Momma’s View is set up in a beautiful townhouse off Youghal’s Main Street.  It has a gorgeous living room and play area with a real open fireplace, lovely kitchen and bathroom downstairs and nice cosy bedrooms upstairs.  I could not have been happier leaving my new baby with someone I had never even met previously.  I instantly felt at ease with Aggie and her beautiful homely creche!




A year later my son Ben started going to Aggie also from 5 months old.  Although on his first morning I went home, sat on the couch, cried and ate chocolate… he was coping fine without me!  For some reason I was a pity over him, Eva was a strong willed girl from the outset so I knew it wasn’t a bother to her but he was my baby boy…

Here is one example of how strong willed my daughter is – I was trying to get myself ready one morning (basically look like I had my sh!t together to the outside world!) in our small windowless walk-in-wardrobe.  I had two babies pulling and dragging at me, my toiletries, my everything.. I was getting so frustrated that I picked them up, sat them both outside the wardrobe door and locked myself in! They were going mad trying to get back in while I was screaming – TWO SEC-ONDS!! But Little Miss Eva the Diva (so aptly named) not to be gotten the better of switched off the light from outside the door and left me sitting in the dark – so you see this is what I’m dealing with!!!

Sorry I tend to ramble on and off the point but you’ll get used to me…

Eva and Ben love going in to see Aggie and Emma (Aggie’s daughter) and the two Seans’ (Aggie’s Husband and Son!) all of whom the kids absolutely adore!  Emma just recently opened up her own Childminding Service in Youghal called Emma’s!  The caring nature is definitely in their genes and they really feel like family to us now.  You know they are doing something right when you’re faced with loud sighs from your kids on a Friday morning because they are not going into Aggie’s today but stuck with their Mama for the weekend instead!  It’s like a giant hug…


Three more superwomen are Josephine, Cathy and Ciara who look after Eva in Happy Days Montessori since she started there last September and with Benny Bear (complete Rogue now!) fast coming up the tracks for next year, you all have your work cut out to say the least so thanks ladies!

One more superwoman I have helping me out is Pamela Dillon.  She is also a Mama of 2 babies and runs her own business – Absolute Flower Shop in Youghal.  As I only have an online business with no physical shop, Pam very kindly allows me to deliver all my local orders to her flower shop so my customers can collect their orders right in the middle of town during business hours – how perfect is that! I can continue to keep the head down and paint all day while Pam looks after my customers.  She does this without any payment from me just as a favour to a fellow mama running a business! So thank you so much Pam for all your help and support.  Please go order your next Bouquet from her, one reason could be to show some appreciation for a Superwoman in your life today!!



I’m going to get a bit soppy now… My girlfriends are also a super group of women, ones that I can run away from all of this craziness to and get a break from it all!!  But I have one extra special friend that can’t go unmentioned in a post about Superwomen.  She has had my back without question or fail since I was 6 years old, we got through our teens together, sad times and happy times, were bridesmaid for each other and godmother to each other’s first baby girl.  She will tell you that I’m her Super Woman and that I’m her Beyonce (ha!) but she is mine, she has four kids and has been at this motherhood lark for well over a decade longer than I have and she is epic at it.  She makes it look so easy with 4 while I’m over here tearing my hair out with 2 plus she has always had a job and works her @rse off so to be honest I don’t know how SHE does it all!  She is my biggest supporter and cheerleader in this life and makes me feel like I can do anything.  So Pamela McDermott Swayne I apologise for making you cry (and lets face it all your sisters cry ha!!) but I love the bones of ya! x

We all have these superwomen in our lives and I just think it’s nice to acknowledge them every now and again and to let them know how much we appreciate them!

Of course I have to include my Superman Husband who does everything for the kids if I ever need to catch up on work on his days off, I couldn’t get orders out the door without him (but he cringes at this sort of thing so I’ll say no more Eoghan.. you’re safe!!)

While I have taken on a lot, I do have plenty of help.  I’m not saying it’s easy, I never get to clock out, switch off or just sit down to read a book.  There is always something to be done, but this is my choice and I’m lucky I get to be there for my kids when they come home from creche and playschool and that I get to read stories to them every night before bed (albeit fast stories on the nights I have to go back into the Craft Room…!!) Being at home for my babies means everything to me and they are the reason I do all that I do.  Aw see I do love them really!

I’ll finish up now (thank God I hear you say!) with a quote from one of my favourite movies – Sex and the City 2!!!!! I do love a chick flick!

“How do the women without help do it?”, “I have no f!cking idea”, Cheers “To them”!








So big Cheers to you Ladies and thanks for stopping by!

Jessica x




  1. Alison lawlor
    November 18, 2016 / 4:02 pm

    Another great read and yes us mc dermotts are known for our softness xxx

    • November 18, 2016 / 4:09 pm

      It’s why I love you McDermott girls so much!! Thanks for reading it all!! xx

  2. Pamela
    November 18, 2016 / 4:15 pm

    ahhh Jess…. What are we going to do with you. Its a pleasure having your customers call in to collect their products they always have a smile on their face when they get the stock xxx Pam

    • Agnes hennessy
      November 19, 2016 / 8:46 am

      Jess thanks a million for your appreciation, just had a lovely read again this morn, you’ll be writing novels next hour n 😂 We all love you and your family with all our hearts ❤️

      • November 25, 2016 / 9:03 pm

        I haven’t time for Novels but my posts are long enough!! ha Thanks again for looking after my babies so well, I never have to worry about them when they are in your care xx

    • November 25, 2016 / 9:02 pm

      Thanks again Pam for all your help and providing such a great service to my customers! <3 xxx

  3. December 24, 2016 / 8:23 pm

    Heү! I realіze this iѕ sort of off-topic һowever I needed
    to ask. Does managing a welⅼ-estabⅼished blog
    like yourѕ require a lot of work? I’m brand neԝ to writing a blog but
    I do write in my diary daily. I’d like to start a blog so I can easily share my expeгiencе and feelings online.
    Please lеt me know if you haѵe any kind of ideas oг tips for brand new
    aspiring blog owners. Thankyou!

    • December 27, 2016 / 5:48 pm

      Well firstly thank you so much for the compliment saying I have a well established blog!! I’m only brand new to blogging myself and I think if you enjoy writing then it really isn’t work at all. You say you are writing down your thoughts in a diary so you are already there! 🙂 I think having a nicely designed website would be my only tip and if it feels welcoming and comfortable for people to navigate around then they will be more inclined to come back – that and having regular relevant content about what you love as that excitement will show through to your readers! I hope that helped in some way x Let me know when you are up and running as I’d love to check out your blog 🙂

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